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Longarm Services

Long-arm quilting will continue after the shop  is closed.  I will be quilting out of my home.  More information is to follow.

We offer “edge to edge” patterns. This means quilting an overall pattern, or pantograph over the entire quilt, or from one edge to the other. Charges are allocated by the square inch, based on the size of your quilt and the design you select.

Our long-arm services are provided on a "first come - first serve" basis. We do try to accommodate "Rush" jobs whenever possible.

Your backing should be 4" bigger than the quilt top in all directions.  There are additional charges for squaring up your backing, piecing your back or pressing the quilt top or back.  We also provide warm and natural batting for an additional charge.

Drop in and bring us your quilt to be finished!

Memory Bears

What is a Memory Bears?  It is a teddy bear made from your loved one's clothing or from a fabric that has a very special meaning to you.  They come in two sizes.  No two bears are the same.  Does the garment have lace or smocking or something special detailing on it?  We can put that on your bear.  We can embroider a heart on it.   Or names and dates on the bottom of the foot.  The possibilities are endless.  We have a few sitting in the shop for you to see.