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Big Happenings

Welcome to the Ladybug!  We have some exciting up coming events.


  September Events


The Jacksonville Quilt Fest is September 21st through September 23rd.  It will be another exciting year.  Come out and see all the wonderful quilts.  Browse the exhibitors booths.  Say hello.  Have fun. We look forward to visiting with you!

Row by Row has entered the "dark" period.  We will not sell kits or give out free patterns for the next month.  Finish your quit.  Many shops have not had winning quilts brought in yet.  Is yours finished?  Have you tried to turn it in to a shop?  Call around to find a shop that has not had a quilt brought into them.  Have that shops row in your quilt and get a bonus gift.  Don't forget your license plate while you visit shops. 

We look forward to seeing and hearing from each of you at Ladybug Quilt Shop